Who is Enduro Adventure Istria?

Enduro Adventure Istria is a team of passionate enduro riders with an appropriate experience to help you improve your skills and make your adventure really excited at the same time. We are offering a professional guiding through the amazing wild nature tours of our Istria land.

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Enduro adventure Istria is an organization founded by Moto club with the same name in 2015. With a purpose to spread enduro tours in Istria. Our team consists of 5 members - two are guides with over 10 years of experience in professional enduro rides, one mechanic, a tour manager, and a marketing specialist.

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Istria is really all about the pleasure of riding, there’s something for everyone

Our guides have participated in numerous enduro races across Southeastern Europe, their experience was crucial for the founding of the Moto-club Enduroadventure Istra, which now organizes tours around Istria, and is well known throughout the region.

We settled paths for all those who are ready for an adrenaline rush

Push yourself to the limit and make it count!

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The passion for adventure and motorbike sports is in the heart of all of us,

We have the perfect location for both, Istria, one of the top travel destinations in the world, a land of true contrasts, where the blue and the green will inspire your soul. Maintaining a perfect balance between nature, people, traditions and historical landmarks makes it perfect for unforgettable motorbiking endurance experience.

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Our enduro offers are valid only for groups with a minimum 3 members.

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